British Standards

A lot of clients ask us whether scanned or microfilmed documents are acceptable in law as evidence.”

The key principle is known as best available evidence or in other words, if there is no hard copy available then a copy from an electronic or microfilmed image is generally acceptable, provided that it can be shown to have come from a system designed for the archiving of documents and is scanned or filmed in accordance with British Standards.  

With the advent of GDPR (General Data Protection) MCB Imaging Services Ltd is pleased to report that its online system Docsonline247 fully complies with the requirements of the Act.  The system enables our clients to fully control the data and images held online by giving the “Controller” full access to the system wherever and whenever required when online, fully protected by their user name and password.  As a “Processor” our internal systems ensure that we also comply.  Full details of how the Docsonline247 system complies is available on request.

MCB Imaging Services Ltd uses procedures that comply with the latest British Standard BIP 0008-1:2008